Let Jim’s Mowing cut your lawn and avoid grass allergies Watery, itchy eyes? Runny nose? Sneezing? Wheezing? Grass pollen is one of the major causes of allergies, especially in the spring time. If you suffer from grass pollen allegies, Jim’s Mowing suggest you consider the following:

1. Don’t even attempt to cut your own grass! Have Jim’s Mowing cut your grass and while it is happening, make sure you stay indoors or away from the property.

2. Keep the lawns short. Long grass creates more allergens. Have your lawns mowed at least once a week, particularly in spring when it is growing rapidly.

3. Check your local forecast and pollen count every day. Accweather.com provide a  pollen index will provide a four day forecast on the pollen count for every region in New Zealand. Regular, professional lawn mowing provides the best possible finish for your lawn and can significantly enhance the health and presentation of your lawn. A well-presented lawn and garden not only looks great but also increases the appeal and value of any property.