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Jim’s Mowing – become part of the Largest Mowing Franchise in the world. Inquire today franchises available in Dunedin.

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FRANCHISE INQUIRY  – JOINING A FRANCHISE BUSINESS means that you buy into a successful, proven system.  Training and advice is part of the package, which reduces the time and mistakes normal to a business start-up.

“The survival rate of new franchisee businesses over the first five years was a consistent 75-80% across all industries.  This compares with statistics showing that survival rates for small business can be as low as 20% in the first three years.” 

Excerpt The Small Business Book

……I spent some time looking at all business opportunities and, having subsequently decided on a lawn mowing franchise, I looked further at the options available.  It quickly becomes apparent that the Jim’s Group had an excellent (and probably the best) reputation in the marketplace…………..”

Please contact the Franchisor if you have any questions or concerns.

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