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Jim’s Mowing ‘ More Than Just Mowing’

                                                                                The ‘Nuts & Bolts’of a Jim’s Mowing Franchise
Jim Penman
Congratulations on taking the next step towards a positive future with
Jim’s Mowing New Zealand

There are many others like you who have taken the next step already and are
thriving - Jim’s Mowing has over 1900 Franchisees in New Zealand,
Australia, Canada and the UK.

It all began with Jim Penman and a single mowing round back in 1982 and Jim
still is heavily involved with the business to this day.


Why Jim’s Mowing?

* Plentiful work and
lead generation
* Tried and true
turn-key business
* Strong support network
* Computerised systems to
schedule, invoice and
manage expenses
* Initial and ongoing training
* Financing options
* Preferred supplier deals
* Work Guarantee
* Discounted public liability policy
* Plus so much more!

How much can I earn?

A Jim’s Mowing Franchise offers an attractive mix of both lifestyle and income. Choose when and where you want to
work... AND... how much you want to make.
The Jim’s opportunity is a business within a franchise system, not an employment or subcontractor opportunity. Accordingly, when you
become a Franchisee, you set your own prices, collect all monies and build your own customer base and goodwill with support from Jim’s.
Jim’s Mowing monthly franchise fees contain an advertising component which is collected by the Franchisor and pooled with other Franchisees’ advertising
contributions within the same Region. These funds are used to generate a strong flow of new work. Every region is different, so ask your
Regional Franchisor about average Franchisee earnings in the Region.

How does the Jim’s System work?

All Advertising includes the Jim’s 0800 454 654 phone number. All incoming calls are directed to the National Administration Centre.
The Franchise Management Software“FMS4” is used to allocate new work to Franchisees.

Where can I work?

A Jim’s Franchisee can work wherever THEY choose. Franchisees nominate the suburbs they would like to work in, listing their
Territory and any additional suburbs or towns they will accept work in. Franchisees have first rights of refusal to any new lead in their Territory.

When can I work?

A Jim’s Franchisee can work whenever THEY choose. Franchisees nominate the days they want to receive new work from the
National Administration Centre, and the hours of the day they wish to receive new work.

What services can I perform?

Franchisees nominate which services THEY wish to provide. Franchisee’s may choose to provide services such as mowing, hedging,
gardening, pruning, mulching, rubbish removal, landscaping, gutter cleaning and more.

What about lead generation and job allocation?

Jim’s Mowing’s extensive advertising generates more leads than our Franchisees can handle. This is work you could be getting paid for today!
Enquiries are fielded by expert staff in our National Administration Centre. They pass enquiries to the Franchisee in their area.
You simply nominate where and when you would like to work and the National Administration Centre will send you an equal share of those leads. This gives
you control over where and when you work.

Fair Franchise Costs

Unlike many franchises, a Jim’s Mowing business is affordable for anyone to start. In many cases, you can purchase an already established
business with regular customers (either a split from a current successful Franchisee who has grown their business to the point they have too
many customers or a resale of a Territory).
It is also possible to purchase a territory with no existing customers for a lower cost and build your business from scratch.

Low Set Up Cost

With Jim’s Mowing you can potentially own a franchise for less than the cost of a new family car and you can be up and running in around 4 weeks.
With over 1900 franchisees globally, Jim’s Mowing enjoys big trade discounts on equipment which can save you thousands of dollars over
your journey as a Jim’s Mowing Franchisee.

Talk to your Regional Franchisor about equipment packages and trade discounts, today.

Affordable Monthly Fees

Affordable monthly franchise fees are fixed and will only rise in line with annual CPI movement. Part of this fee
is taken as your contribution to the Regional Advertising Fund, designed to generate more work for yourself. There is a lead fee for new work taken
only. There is no lead fee for referrals or repeat customers.

Strong Earning Potential

Jim’s Franchisees typically earn more than independent mowing contractors. This is because each Jim’s Mowing
Franchisee enjoys:

 A tried and tested franchise system
which has been in existence since

Assignment to a Regional Franchisor
who performs an ongoing coaching
and support role

 A full-time National Administration
Centre which constantly supplies them
new jobs

Ask your Regional Franchisor about what a Franchisee in the Region can
expect to earn.

Return on Investment

As you grow your business, many Franchisees find they have more customers than they can handle. When this occurs the Jim’s system supports
Franchisees to sell a portion of their customer base, known as a ‘split’, which delivers a nice cash injection for the Franchisee.
Jim’s Mowing is a comprehensive system for success

Money to start your business

The power of the Jim’s network can save you money on many of yourbusiness purchases, including finance.
Talk to your Regional Franchisor about finance options, today.

Where to from here?

If you would like to make a positive change and become your own boss, take
the next steps: Ask your Regional Franchisor for a list of phone numbers belonging
to their current Franchisees. You are welcome to call as many as you wish and ask any questions you like concerning their experience as a
Jim’s Mowing Franchisee

Ask your Regional Franchisor to connect you with the local trainer and go out for a trial day to taste life as a Jim’s Mowing Franchisee
Ask your Regional Franchisor to book you in to the 6-day induction
and training program

Collect contracts and run them by your lawyer, accountant or
business advisor After the 14-day cooling off period has lapsed, sign the documents and begin your new journey of becoming your own boss!

Discover how YOU can join as a Jim’s Mowing Franchise Owner.
Enjoy the career and the lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

Call 0800 454 654 or visit