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Jim’s Mowing ‘ More Than Just Mowing’


JOINING A FRANCHISE BUSINESS means that you buy into a successful, proven system.  Training and advice is part of the package, which reduces the time and mistakes normal to a business start-up.

“The survival rate of new franchisee businesses over the first five years was a consistent 75-80% across all industries.  This compares with statistics showing that survival rates for small business can be as low as 20% in the first three years.” 

Excerpt The Small Business Book

The following provides a basic overview of the Jim’s mowing system including estimated income and expenses.  The system is aimed to help you develop your own successful business within a franchise system using the same methods that have seen 2300 franchisees worldwide join the Jim’s Group.

Message from Jim

I started Jim’s in 1982 with a second hand lawn mower and a trailer. Today we have more than 2500 Franchisees in four countries and are one of the largest home service Franchises in the world.

I believe in service. Franchisees must look after their customers, and Franchisors their Franchisees. I am never satisfied with our standard of service, and always looking for ways to improve.

I believe in opportunity. Franchisees may work where they wish, and take on any number of employees. Many have become Franchisors, and some run national and even international businesses.

I still head Jim’s Group, I’m still in daily contact with my Franchisees, and I still need good people to join our team. I invite you to read my book on line at               and talk to our Franchisors and Franchisees.

Customers are also invited to check out our services. We’ll do everything possible to make your experience with us a good one!

Jim Penman 

IS THE GRASS GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE?  Who would be interested in being self-employed?

It’s for people who want to take control of their own lives

  • Want to own their own business
  • Like healthy outdoor work
  • Like to set their own hours
  • Are sick of office politics, executive stress

What appeals to those who purchase a Jim’s Mowing Franchise?

  • We own and run our own business i.e. setting our own hours and enjoy the flexibility of owning our own businesses
  • We work for ourselves but not by ourselves.  Another Jim is there to support our clients if we are sick or want to take a holiday
  • We all share the same desire to provide professional quality service and customer satisfaction
  • We all share the benefits of the excellent Jim’s Mowing reputation, [built by franchisees]
  • We are team orientated people who look at our businesses as a career and take a long-term philosophy to all activities
  • Support from the regional franchisor means just that because he has been there, still works in the field, and is only a phone call away


What contributes to the success of a Jim’s Mowing Franchisee?

  • Like to work outside [rain or shine]
  • Enjoy the work
  • Enjoy working with people
  • Service Orientated
  • Financially stable
  • Love the team aspect
  • Self Starter


“Add power to your skills with one of the most

Recognised Trademarks in Australasia”


WHY A JIM’S MOWING FRANCHISE                                                 The benefits are undeniable …….

The Jim’s Mowing Logo

  • A trademark of value
  • A great reputation in the marketplace- that ensures ongoing work when you want it
  • A recognised name means effective marketing
  • An established reputation for customer service
  • Excerpt from current franchisee


“……I spent some time looking at all business opportunities and, having subsequently decided on a lawn mowing franchise, I looked further at the options available.  It quickly becomes apparent that the Jim’s Group had an excellent (and probably the best) reputation in the marketplace…………..”

The package

  • Equipment: Low start up costs which includes our signature trailer, uniforms, territory, existing clients and optional equipment.
  • Systems: Initial training, Comprehensive Jim’s Mowing Training Manual, Accounting and Scheduling Computer Program to assist the management of your business; Ongoing Horticultural & Business Workshops in conjunction with industry specific suppliers, the opportunity to network with the Jim’s Mowing team



  • Pay for work Guarantee of $1200 per week
  • Most Jim’s earn over $1,200  per week
  • Only you and you efforts determine your income


Group Purchasing

  • Take advantage of group purchasing power with National and Local supplies ie; Husqvarna, Caltex, Abbott’s Insurance Brokers etc
  • Excellent rates for insurance, mobile phones, equipment etc,


Team Aspect

  • Back up during sickness or holidays
  • If you can’t do a service for a client, ask another Jim or your Franchisor
  • An available network of other Jim’s
  • Regional Franchisor provides support through regular contact and advice on how to effectively manage your business.  This will be done through a monthly newsletter, meetings and business reviews.


  • Your own operating territory, consisting of 1000+ households [cannot be altered by the franchisor in any way]



  • First right of refusal for all new work coming into your territory from all advertising
  • You are also given the opportunity to work outside your area
  • Increase your territory by putting on more trailers


Marketing and Advertising

  • Ongoing coordinated advertising and marketing
  • Newspapers regional and local, Yellow Pages, Local Directories, National publications and radio.
  • National marketing
  • Our best marketing tool is the big green trade marked “Jim’s Mowing” trailer
  • Each franchise is required to use it in their business and justifiably so
  • When our Jim’s work in an area, people see the trailer and call to have their own work done
  • That trailer along with newspaper and yellow page advertising ensures that the marketplace is aware of our services and Jim’s


Capital Gains

  • Customer Sell back scheme
  • Territory splits
  • The goal is have the majority of clients in close proximity to your territory to reduce travel time and operating costs.  You can do this by selling back regular clients, situated outside of your territory, into a new franchise at a good profit.
  • Expand your territory by putting on additional trailers


Administration/Call Center

  • Equipped with an industry specific computer program to provide you the franchisee, with choices of when, where you will work, and what services you want to deliver
  • Provide clients with updated information about Jim’s services
  • Advise clients when you are available
  • The state of the art technology means that within 12 seconds of the client making a call to the Administration/Call centre, details of the job are paged directly to your mobile phone.


Plentiful Work

Jim’s Mowing enjoys an abundance of new work, meaning that more Franchisees are needed to service customers currently being turned away.  Due to the recognition and trust already existing for the Jim’s name and logo, minimal advertising usually produces large amounts of new leads for a new Jim’s Mowing business.  The potential for growth is only limited by the number of franchisees not customer requests. Currently in excess of 500 new customer quotes are received in the region each year.

Assessment day

This is a day you can spend “on the road” with an experienced franchisee who is also an approved trainer.  An assessment day should give you a good idea of what is required to run a franchise and most importantly whether or not you will enjoy this work.  You are encouraged to ask as many questions as possible about the franchise, the regional franchisor, etc.  This day also helps determine whether or not you would be suited to work within the Jim’s Mowing team environment.


A regional franchisor that prices your work – why?  You will be trained to quote your own work.   The benefits far outweigh the time it takes. You know your value, you build the initial rapport with the client and this will undoubtedly turn into extra work from the same clients in the long term.

A work availability guarantee that is averaged over the first twelve month period –

When beginning a new business when do you need an income the most?  When you are starting out.

The work availability guarantee offered by Jim’s Mowing is based on a weekly income averaged over the four weeks of each month, starting from the first month.

Someone doing all your GST, Income Tax Returns, –

The only time we are interested in what you earn is when you are not earning enough.

Every franchisee is a business owner.

To be truly in control we believe that education and support empowers all an opportunity to make good business decisions.

A limit to how big the business grows?

Your Jim’s Mowing business is unlimited as to the size, number of employees you wish to have or amount of trailers you wish to put on the road.  Your turnover is your business and fees are not based on your turnover.  Why should you get penalised for your hard work.


Neil Turner purchased the Jim’s Mowing Regional Franchisor for Otago in November 2005. The Otago region comprises of all areas south of a line from Haast to north of Oamaru. All  franchises in this area are part of this region.

Neil is a working franchisor and has owned and operated a Jim’s Mowing franchise in Dunedin for the past fifteen years. Having worked as a green keeper for twelve years and holds a Green keeping Trade Certificate and a Turf Culture Diploma.  He believes that Jim’s Mowing is the best Mowing & Garden Care franchise available in New Zealand.

‘I wanted to be in control of my own destiny. To work for myself without someone else deciding my future. In doing this I have had the flexibility to work when and how I wanted to. I’m sure there are a lot of people out there who would like to do the same ‘

With a combination of business management, ownership, and technical  skills plus hands on experience Neil is well prepared to assist you with the day to day running of your business and its continual growth.


Monthly fees are designed to fairly reflect the overall costs of operation with allowances for new starters.

Basic fees are split into four components: –

  • Advertising fee  *$101.34 (including GST) per month  to be used by the Franchisor for advertising in the Region. (includes $6.44 national branding fund contribution)


  • Franchise fee  * $555.28 (including GST) per month. The fee will be reduced by $77.21 (including GST) if the Franchisee is compliant with their Agreement


  • Lead fee             *$9.85  (including GST) per client lead (one off payment)  payable for only 70% of Client Leads received in the month
  • Technology Fee    *$15.53 (including GST)  includes email and business software.

NOTE: New franchise owners will not pay lead fees for the first 3 months


It is expected that 70% of all leads be converted to work with 10% being regular mowing work.

Franchise owners with no additional work requirements would pay approximately *$137 (including GST) per week fees.

Fees are paid by weekly direct debit.

  • ** Lowest premium available in New Zealand.
  •  * Variable amount depending on number of new jobs provided.
  • *** variable dependant on personal use.


The best projections, based on current data, are that gross earnings average $1,000-$1,200 pw.  Be aware that these are estimates, and that there is no guarantee that you personally will reach this level, inexperienced Franchisees will tend to earn less than those with experience, and earnings are normally higher in Spring than Winter.



  • Prices current at time of printing, subject to change without notice.
  • Trailer registration not included.
  • GST is refunded in your first GST return provided you become GST registered.
  • Resales generally include trailer, deduct cost of new trailer from ingoing costs.
  • Miscellaneous items for e.g.  Petrol containers, registration must also be taken into consideration.


FRANCHISE OPPORTUNITIES available ( see franchises for sale)

[All businesses are subject to terms and conditions]

All the existing  Territories come complete with customer list and include first right of refusal giving the territory holder the first opportunity for all new work coming into those areas from the advertising.

Add equipment package for total outgoing costs.

Prices current at time of printing, subject to change without notice.

  • GST is refunded in your first GST return provided to become GST registered.
  • Insurance is additional to this total and MUST be taken out prior to commencement.


Do I have to purchase the equipment through Jim’s Mowing?

No.  The compulsory items are those which have a trademark.  The trailer, uniform, stationery and business cards.

Can I fail an assessment day?

Yes. An approved trainer can have concerns and evaluates this from the position of whether this will fit your goals and lifestyle.

How does the Pay for Work Guarantee work?

It is not unconditional and is averaged out over four weeks.  If work is short, the Franchisee will need to offer free promotional services to people who are not already clients of Jim’s Mowing.

If the Pay for Work Guarantee Amount is $1,200 per week; and

1. the Franchisee earned $900 in the Claim Week and the same on average in each of the three previous weeks, the Franchisee may claim up to $300 to bring its Claim Week’s income to $1,200.

2. the Franchisee earned $900 in the Claim Week and $1250 on average in the three previous weeks, the Franchisee may claim only up to $150 (since this brings the average of the past four weeks to $1,200).

Can I sell my business any time?

Yes you can in accordance with the franchise obligations.  For example the buyer must be approved by the Regional Franchisor.

Can I be made to sell my business?

Any franchisee that has been accepted into the system and then falls below our high standards will be asked to sell their business.

What is the regional franchisor like to deal with?

We believe the relationship between the franchisee and franchisor is a partnership.  Please feel free to speak with any Jim’s Mowing franchisee you see or call one or the entire list of phone numbers herein.  None of the franchisees are primed to give a good review regarding Jim’s Mowing or the current regional franchisors.

After I pay my initial franchise fee for the business I am still paying fees every month.  What am I paying for?

The franchise fee is used for the administration costs associated with the regional operations.  In part it is used to provide training and the ongoing development of systems.  It also provides the regional franchisor an income so that they can be available to support you.  The advertising fee is used for marketing your business, along with other franchise holders in the most effective way.  It can only be used for this purpose and no other.


Being your own boss is something a lot of people are passionate about but you need to ask yourself –

  • Am I truly enthusiastic about this business?  Will I enjoy the work?


  • Am I prepared to give up the security of a regular income?


  • Do I have the total support of my partner, wife, and family?


  • What is my current financial position? How much money will I need to get started?


  • What time have I available for the business?


  • What obligations and desire do I have to spend time with my family and friends?


  • What time do I need for leisure activities?


  • Am I prepared to take the responsibility of managing a business and associated financial risk and stress involved?


  • What should I do if the business does not live up to my expectations?


In conclusion you are your own boss but you must balance quality of life and income from your business.  You take out of this business what you want but happiness must come into play.  If you like and enjoy this business, you will be happy and your income will mirror your attitude.

“The Trademark that launched more than 20 different services From Cleaning, Dog Wash, Trees, Paving, Fencing and many more…………..”


Things to find out about Jim’s Mowing:

The first thing you should do after reading this information is make a list of all the questions which you have regarding Jim’s Mowing.  Now request an interview with the regional franchisor.

This list will assist us to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about whether Jim’s Mowing is the right business for you.


Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time via telephone, e-mail.


Book an interview

  • Compared other franchise systems?
  • Using the information about start up costs given to you at your interview worked out your figures?
  • List some questions?
  • Book your assessment day?


You’ve been out for you a successful assessment day?

  • Do I want to go to the next step?
  • Request a copy of the franchise agreement?
  • It is up to you to ring the Regional Franchisor?


Now request a franchise agreement

  • Get agreement checked out by solicitor, Legal Adviser and/or accountant.


Once a decision is made and a new or existing franchise is chosen

  • A deposit is then placed on that business.
  • Forms to be filled out include a  security clearance etc
  • A start date is finalised


Training is then arranged

  • Initial training is comprehensive and for a week at our facility just out of Melbourne, Australia. Airfares, training and airport transfers are free all you are required to do is get your self a passport before you go.


  • Topics include Operating your franchise, Quoting, Occupational Safety and Heath, First Aid, Scheduling, Trailer Setup, Introduction to Horticulture


  • You are also given a Jim’s Mowing Training Manual, An accounting and Scheduling Computer Program to assist the management of your business is available, as well as ongoing Horticultural & Business Workshops in conjunction with industry specific suppliers, and the opportunity to network with the Jim’s Mowing team. Once home practical training is undertaken supervised by your franchisor
  • Signup the franchise [minimum 14 days after collecting the agreement]


If purchasing an established franchise

  •  Spend up to ten days with the current franchisee includes, introduction to existing customers



This information is provided to you, the Prospective Franchisee, by a Jim’s Group Franchisor to provide you with general information about the Jim’s franchise system.


Information may include financial projections or other financial information relating to the Franchise Business or Franchise System which the Franchisor may also discuss with you.


Any written or oral statement or representation regarding financial projections or other financial information made to you by the Franchisor is merely an opinion based on the Franchisor’s business experience. The Franchisor’s opinion on such matters is only intended to provide you with a guide and should not be relied upon as the Franchisor has no formal financial training or expertise.


The Franchisor and Jim’s Group make no express or implied claims, promises, warranties or guarantees about the accuracy, currency or adequacy of any statement or representation regarding financial projections or other financial information, relating to the Franchise Business or Franchise System, contained in the following information or made to you by the Franchisor.


The Franchisor and Jim’s Group accept no liability for any direct, indirect or consequential damage or loss incurred as a result of your reliance on a statement or representation regarding financial projections or other financial information, relating to the Franchise Business or Franchise System, contained in the following information or made to you by the Franchisor.


We strongly recommend that you seek independent legal, accounting and other business advice in relation to the following information.

Please contact the Franchisor if you have any questions or concerns.

0800 454 654